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Clinical Strength Hand Sanitiser
Surface Sanitising Liquid
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Hand Sanitising Stations

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My name is John Tiley and I am the Managing Director of Nutracrest. At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK, there was a huge problem of panic buying and Hand Sanitiser products were one of the most effected. This panic buying then forced the prices sky high as manufacturers and distributors wanted to profiteer from the shortages.

I have a bottling line and a scientific team that has allowed Nutracrest to quickly develop our 70% alcohol based hand sanitiser and bring it to market as soon as time would allow.

My ultimate aim has been to get sanitiser to anyone who absolutely relies on it, so I contacted local NHS trusts, key worker employers and pharmacies to see if I could help. We priced our sanitiser at close to cost to try to get product out to those that needed it at a fair price – the blatant profiteering by most online sellers including those selling products on Amazon and eBay disgusted me.