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About Us

About Nutracrest

High quality Sanitising Solutions.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK, there was a huge problem of panic buying and hand sanitiser products were one of the most affected. This panic buying then forced the prices sky high as manufacturers and distributors wanted to profiteer from the shortages.

We have a bottling line and a scientific team that has allowed Nutracrest to quickly develop our 70% alcohol-based hand sanitiser and bring it to market as soon as time would allow.

Why Nutracrest?

When Nutracrest started the journey to quickly bring a hand sanitiser to market, quality was our primary driver. We wanted to make a UK formulated, manufactured and packed product.

The Nutracrest product must be properly manufactured and controlled, and based on existing proven formulations, tested, certified and validated by Microbiology Laboratory an Independent UK accredited laboratory to give the product the required endorsements.


The product was independently tested specifically for the effectiveness of Hand Sanitisers. These are BS EN1276 and the more complex BS EN1500 of which Nutracrest’s hand sanitiser has passed both tests.

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How are Nutracrest products manufactured?

All Nutracrest Hand Sanitiser products are produced in our GMP clean room on a fully automated bottling, capping and labelling machine that ensures an accurate, accountable and totally safe uncontaminated product is produced

Why is the Nutracrest formulation so good?

Nutracrest based their formulation on the World Health Organisation information and have used quality UK sourced and traceable ingredients to ensure product quality. We have based our sanitiser on Isopropyl Alcohol (propan-2-ol) which is the best alcohol to use in sanitisers because of its unique properties that make it cover the skin well and evaporate at the correct rate for the best destruction of bacteria and viruses.

We also formulate ultra-pure reverse osmosis water and other additives that protect the skin and leave it smooth after each application.

The Nutracrest sanitiser leaves no greasy or sticky residue as many sanitisers on the market do and is Hypoallergenic so can be used by all people even children and those with sensitive skin.